Dahao Display Products

Dahao was established in 2001 to provide high quality display products to customers.
We mainly specialize in the design, development and production of all kinds of hangers and fashion display products.
As we have developed and expanded our product and expertise over the years,
Dahao has truly become a dynamic and creative name in the industry of display products.

Our Advantage

Why we've been the best for 16 years
16 Years
Dahao has been specializing in developing in developing and producing hangers for 16 years.
Product innovation
Dahao has been utilizing its high quality and advanced techniques for top brands in Europe and America for more than ten years.
Quality Certification
By implementing numerous strict quality controls,our products have obtained international certification and has reached international standard recognition.
Our team
Our production team has rich experience in the developing,crafting,and ensuring quality control of our products.

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